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Mild Steel

Being one of the most common and versatile metals, Mild Steel enables customers to achieve lower cost, customised solutions to their challenges. 

A wide range of surface treatments are also available to protect your projects from the elements, hot dip galvanising, powder coating, and painting are just some of the options available.

From small to large, Third Angle Engineering maintain a team a facility capable of providing you mild steel solutions.  




If you require light weight solutions, Aluminium may be the answer for you.  With a density 1/3 of mild steel, Aluminium provides a strong and light alternative to steel. 

Aluminium is readily available and easily transformed through machining and fabrication to suit your needs.

Third Angle Engineering offer a full suite of aluminium solutions – just ask us how and one of our project managers will be happy to assist you.




Some solutions require greater resistance to the surrounding environment than Mild Steel can provide – if that’s the case, Stainless Steel is possibly the solution for you.

Stainless Steel offers higher corrosion resistance, strength, hardness, ductility, and cryogenic toughness.  When fabricated properly, it is suitable for food preparation and manufacturing environments.  It also offers a unique and attractive appearance unlike other steels.

With a dedicated Stainless Steel fabrication area, Third Angle Engineering can provide you with Stainless Steel fabrications and equipment to suit your needs.


Weld Testing

While our team are qualified and work to proper welding procedures, Third Angle Engineering also offer 3rd Party Weld Testing and Inspection on request to ensure that our workmanship is of the highest quality. 

You can rest assured that your products meet their design intent. 

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