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Stainless Steel Playground with Slide, Structure and Rope Climbing


Your imagination is just the beginning when it comes to bespoke playground designs at Third Angle Engineering. We create the inconceivable. Our designers can work with you at the very early conceptual stages – sketching, to workshop ideas and options. You will be able to visualise the play space and know what is sketched is measurably delivered. 

We are focused on developing customized Playground Products, including Stainless Steel Tube Slides, Stainless Steel Embankment Slides as well as Trivium Swings, Cantilever Swings, Single and Double Flying Foxes and innovative Playground Units. 

As the manufacturer of all our equipment, we are not stalled by new product development and free thinking. All our Playground items are designed and manufactured in accordance with AS4685. 


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